16 July: Women snatch another gold - Men have to settle for 4th spot

The faroese national teams have just returned from the Island Games, which this year have been staged in the Isle of Man from 7th-13th of July.

There were great expectations for the womenīs team, which had the gold medal from 1999 to defend. And the team qualified easily for the final, as there was not much resistance in the group matches. In the final the women were facing Saaremaa, who also had qualified easily to the final. And the final turned out to be a real stunner. The Faroese team got of to a superb start, winning the 1st and 2nd set 25-19 and 25-16. But then Saaremaa got their grip together and put great pressure on the Faroese team with some good aggressive serving which got the better of the Faroese team who gradually seemed to loose confidence. Saaremaa won the 3rd and 4th set 25-18, 25-19. Now it was time for that ever nerve-racking 5th set. Here, the Faroese women got of to the best start and soon were leading with 4 points, and with that their confidence reappeared and they took control of the 5th set which they won 15-9. And with that another gold medal for the Faroese women as the women from Saaremaa had to settle for silver.


For the menīs team expectations were not so high, as many of the experienced players have called it at day. Instead many young players had been selected and the hope is that they will develop into a force to be reckoned with in a few years. But however, this team managed reasonably well in this years Island Games, ending up in 4. spot. In the group stages they won all their games except one which they lost against Saaremaa. This meant they had to play Gotland in the semi-final. This match the Faroese men lost 1-3, but this was probably their best game of the competition. But however, this loss meant they had to encounter Saaremaa once again in the match for the bronze medal. For this Saaremma was much to strong and Saaremaa won 3-0. But all in all the men were quite satisfied with their overall performance even if they for the second time only, did not come back with a medal from the Island Games. But the hopes are high for the next Island Games in Guernsey 2003.....


19 February: The women from Mjølnir and men from ÍF won the Cup finals.

Women: Mjølnir - Dráttur 3 – 2 (17-25, 17-25, 25-23, 25-15, 17-19)

Men: ÍF – Mjølnir 3 – 0 (25-17, 25-20, 25-15)

For the second time running, the Cup finals have been played on saturday. The cup final is very much the best opportunity for the Volleyball Association to promote volleyball in the Faroes, as the final is beeing broadcasted live on national television, and this year also live on national radio.

The womenīs final turned out to be a real stunner. League leaderīs Dráttur encountered last years double winners Mjølnir, who in the league this year only are behind Dráttur on set-differens. They had met 4 times in the league this season, with two victories for each team, and 3 out of the 4 matches going for 5 sets. Nothing else was expected in the Cup final, as there is very little to choose between the two teams.

Dráttur got the best start to the match and romped to easy wins in the 1st and 2nd set, with attacking servs, which gave Mjølnir great difficulties with teir receiving, and therefore hampered their offence. But when Mjølnir seamed dead and buried, they went off like a tornado in the 3rd set and led 9-0 and 23-17, but where almost caugt again by Dráttur, but they survived the scare and won 25-23. The 4th set was not much of a contest, as Mjølnir won easily 25-15. Now it was time for that nailbiting 5th set. The two teams followed to 5-5, but then Dráttur lost the grip and Mjølnir went to 14-8. Surely, that was it, everybody thought! - But not the Dráttur-women. They fought like possessed and suddently the score was 14-14. Then lead shifted over and over, but it was Mjølnir who prevailed in the end, at the score 19-17. This had been a dramatic and fiercely fought contest and the best promotion for the sport, who up until now hasnīt had the best media coverage, but with such matches as this one, things will surely change............


The men īs final was between last yearīs Cup winners Mjølnir and ÍF. Both teams are championship contenders this year, with Mjølnir as early pace-setters but have just been caught by ÍF, who therefore were jugded as small favourits for the Cup, but nevertheless, most experts expected an even match.

But ÍF had forgotten all about this, and played some brilliant volleyball and made short work of Mjølnir. Everything worked for ÍF. Their attackers smashed the Mjølnir block to pieces, while ÍFīs own defence seemed inpregnable. ÍF won the first two sets very easily. And if people expected that the Mjølnir-team was gonna emulate the women Mjølnir-team with at dramatic search back, they were proved to be wrong. Although Mjølnir started the 3rd set quite bright and led 11-9, there was nothing to be done. ÍF proved much to strong on the day, and won the set 25-15.



13 November: The volleyball season is now well and truely underway and so far it has been very exciting. Last year Fleyr won all of their matches in the menīs league and in the womenīs leauge Mjølnir lost only one game - the very first of the competition.

But this year in the womenīs division Mjølnir is facing stiff opposition from Dráttur, spearheaded by their new playing coach, 21 years old Marina Popovic from Bosnia. So far the teams have met twice, having won one game each. Therefore the two teams are sharing top spot - both with 8 points for 5 matches.

In the menīs division Fram lost their first match of the season yesterday going down 1-3 to Fleyr, last years runaway champions. Fram had earlyer in the season beaten Mjølnir to claim first spot. But Fleyr have lost several of their key players this season and have not had the best start to the season. Among others, influential playing coach, Romica Pascu from Roumania, has left and is now coaching Fram. But after their heavy loss to ÍF last week, Fleyr got their grip together this weekend and beat Fram 3-1. ÍF shall not be taken lightly eigher, with their new Bosnian playing coach, Boban Ilic, actually the twinbrother of Mjølnirīs playing coach, Borko Ilic.

At the moment Mjølnir and Fram are heading the table with 6 points for 4 matches, followed by ÍF with 4 points for 3 mathes. Fleyr also have 4 points but for 4 matches. Ranked bottom are with 0 points. See results and tables her!


13 October: The first matches in the premier division of the volleyball league this season will be played this weekend. The fixtures are:

Menīs premier division: ÍF - Mjølnir; SÍ - Fleyr

Womenīs premier division: Dráttur - Fleyr; ÍF - Mjølnir; TB - Fossánes


08 October: The first weekend-competition of the season has been played over the weekend - The Fleyr Cup. In the premier division places in the Volleyball Associationīs Cup Final (VACF) were up for grabs.

The womenīs final in the Fleyr Cup was between Dráttur and Mjølnir, a repeat of last years VACF. But the result however, was different: Dráttur won the match 3-1 and has therefore qualified for this seasonīs VACF, which will be played on Feb. 17, 2001. The other finalist will be found in the "Mjølnir Cup" on Jan. 7th, where Mjølnir will have another chance to qualify.

The menīs final of the Fleyr-cup was between last seasonīs Cup Winners Mjølnir and Fram. Mjølnir won in straight sets, 3-0 and has therefore qualified to the VACF. Fram will try again to qualify in the "Mjølnir Cup".

29 September: The Faroese volleyball season will commence on the 14th of September, but already on Sep. 7/8, the first "weekend-competition" of the year - The Fleyr Cup - will be staged. These weekend competitions also work as qualification for the Volleyball Associationīs Cup final, which willl be played on the17th of February.

New scoring system
The Volleyball Association has also decided to change the scoring system this year, back to the international 5 set system, from the experimental "Nordic System", as have all the other nordic countries.

11 September: As expected the Faroe Islands lost all their matches in the Nordic Championship, but however the women were quite happy with their performance against Norway. Playing such strong opponents has also shown, that to stand any chance of winning, they will have to practice much more. Final position:

1. Finland (8 points) - 2. Sweden (6 points) - 3. Denmark (4 points) - 4. Norway (2 points) - 5. Faroe Islands (0 points :-)


10 September: Finland - Faroe Islands 3-0 (25-9, 25-9, 25-8)

09 September: Denmark - Faroe Islands: 3-0 (25-13, 25-9, 25-11).

Norway - Faroe Islands 3-0 (25-18, 25-20, 26-24). .

08 September: The Faroe Islands played their first match in the Nordic Championship for Women today. The match was against Sweeden and as expected the Swedish team won a comfortable victory: Sweden - Faroe Islands 3-0 (25-13, 25-9, 25-11). Althoug this result donīt come as any surprise, the the Faroese team was not quite happy with their play, as they thougt the receiving could have been better. - They will work on improving this! - Next maches: 09. sep. Faroes - Denmark and later same day: Faroes -Norway.

05 September: The Faorese womenīs nationalteam will tomorow be travelling to Denmark to compete in the Nordic Championship for women. The Faroese women have not taken part in this competition since late eighties, but since the competition this year is staged in Denmark and several of the Faroese players are playing in the danish Elite Division, the Volleyball Association has taken the decision to take part this year.

The competition starts on Friday and the Faroe Islands will play against Sweden.

On Saturday the Faroes play 2 games, first against Denmark and later against Norway.

The last match will be on Sunday against Finland.

The Faroese team:
Gerda Nattestad, Dráttur; Annika Joensen, TV55(DK); Mariann Øster, Fleyr; Helga Nordendal, Dráttur; Gudrid Nolsøe, Fortuna Odense(DK); Helen á Lakjuni, ÍF; Marjun Kalsøe, Mjølnir; Alvilda Ólavsdóttir, TV55 (DK); Tina Jacobsen, Mjølnir; Juanna S. Joensen, ASV(DK); Margit G. Joensen, Mjølnir; Hjørdis Mortensen, TV55(DK).

Coach is Niclas Joensen.

There is not much hope of any victory in this competition, as the Faroese team will face some stiff opposition from the other teams, which are thought to be stronger than the Faroese team, but this competition will also be seen as preparation for the Island Games in Isle of Man in 2001, where the Faroes are defending champions.

04 August: On the 9th of August the Faroese Under-18 national teams for men and women will travel abroud to take part in the Nordic Championship. The menīs competition will be staged in Sweden and the women will compete in Finland. The teams will be back home on the 14th. The teams:

03 August: International Olympic Committee president Juan Antonio Samaranch officially opened the 27th FIVB Congress on Tuesday in front of delegates representing more than 150 national associations. Calling the FIVB one of the most important federations in the world, he paid tribute to FIVB president Ruben Acosta saying the Olympic family was waiting to welcome him as a member of the IOC.

01 August: Respresentatives from the Faroese Volleyball Association will be present at the 27th FIVB Congress in Seville, Spain, from Aug. 2nd to 4th with delegates from at least 155 countries with FIVB President Dr. Rubén Acosta to open the session with a multimillion dollar-announcement. - IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch will attend as Guest of Honour.

10 July: The Icelandic "Girls-14"-national team has been vistiting the Faroe Islands, and has played 5 matches against the Faroese "Girls-14"-national team. The visit took place from June 23rd to June 27th. The result of the matches was that the Faroes won 4 matches and the Iclandic girls 1. The players were:

Faroese Girls-14: Joan Nolsøe, Lív Steinkross, Ann Jacobsen, Elin Doris Dam, Jana Jacobsen, Marit Jacobsen, Annika Niclasen, Karin Mikkelsen, Johanna Niclasen, Maiken Sigmundardóttir. Coach: Rosa Jacobsen.

Icelandic Girls-14: Johanna Smaradóttir, Hildur Arnadóttir, Kolbrún B. Jónsdóttir, Maria Runarsdóttir, Snædis Ylfa Olafsdóttir, Eva Rut Tryggvadóttir, Sunna Hrafnsdóttir, Ester Anna Pálsdóttir, Helga I. Gunnarsdóttir, Hanna Lisa Olafsdóttir. Coach: Kristjan Gunnarson.

05 June: The Faroese women lost their match against Liechtenstein on saturday. After their victory against Iceland on Friday, they hoped they could repeat that result against Liectenstein, but that was not to be. The Liectenstein-team was just too strong. They won 3-0 (25:21 25:22 25:18). This meant that the Faroes had to play Iceland again on Sunday, for the 7th/8th spot of the competition.

And once agin this match turned out to be a thrilling 5-setter. The looser would end up in last spot of the competition, so both teams refused to loose. The Faroese women won the first set, then the Icelandic took the next two, but the Faroes won the 4th, so the match went to a decisive 5th set. And this was not a set for the fainthearted. At 16-15, the Faroes had matchpoint, but couldnīt capitalize on it, and finaly lost 18-20. The final result was therefore: Faroe Islands - Iceland: 2-3 (25:14 21:25 23:25 25:20 18:20).

This meant that the Faroese Womenīs team ended up in 8th and last place in the competition with Iceland as number 7. The Final of the competition was between Cyprus and San Marino. - Cyprus won 3:0 (25:20 25:17 28:26)

The aftermath of the last spot is, that in order to stand any chance in such (relative strong) competitions, the players will have to practice much more! - This also applies for the men.

02 June: Iceland - Faroe Islands: 2-3 (25-27, 25-14, 24-26, 29-27 12-15). Might sound as Alfred Hitchcock wrote this, but this was in fact the result of the match between the women from Iceland and the Faroes. As the score indicates, this was a very tight encouter, and wasnīt decided before the very end of the 5th set, after the Icelandic women had had the lead at 12-10, but then the Faroese women got hold of their nerves and turned the match around and won 15-12. The efficient time of play was 114 minutes. - And that is much in the gruelling heat in Malta. This result meant that the Faroes ended up in 3rd spot in group B and will play no. 4 in group A, Liechtenstein. The winner of that game will play for 5/6th place, and the looser will play for 7/8th place.

01 June: Yesterday the Faroese womenīs team played their opening match in the European Qualification Competition against Malta. It was with high hopes, the women stepped out on court, as they hava beaten Malta tvice before. But as in the menīs competition, things didnīt follow the "Faroese script": Malta won 3-1 (25:21 14:25 25:20 25:11). The game was quite even, but in the 3rd set, when the Faroes were in front, the girls lost their nerve and following the set and got heavily beaten in the 4th set. The Faroese camp blaimed especially the bad receiveing for the loss.

Today the Faroe Islands met Cyprus. Nothing much was expected from the Faroese team, as Cyprus is very strong, and this was exactly what happened. The Faroese team was smashed to peaces. Cyprus won 3-0 (25:13 25:10 25:14).

Tomorrow the Faroese team will be facing neighbours Iceland, who also have lost 3-1 to Malta and have been heavily beaten by Cyprus. Therefore an eaven match is expected and the Faroese women will be hoping to beat their arch-rivals.

27 May: Today the Faroe Islands finaly managed to get a victory, when they beat Ireland in a classification match for 9th / 10th place. The Faroes won 3-0 with the scores 25:19 25:18 25:20. This mean that the Faroe Islands ended as no. 9 of 10 teams in the tournament. But this victory didnīt change the bad mood in the camp, where the team is still reflecting on the slip ups against Wales (2-3) and Malta (1-3), where they felt they should have won.

But today the Faroese womenīs team also went to Malta for their European Competition for C-nations. The team will first travel to Denmark, where they will stay on a training camp until monday, after which they will travel to Malta. On Saturday they will play a practice-match against a mixed team from TV55 and St. Jørgens, both from the danish elite division.

The groups for the European tournament looks like this:

Group A: Luxembourg, San Marino, Ireland, Liechtenstein.

Group B: Cyprus, Iceland, Malta, Faroe Islands.

The Faroes will play their first match against Malta on Wednesday at 20.00 CET

26 May: As expected the faroese men lost both their remaining matches of the group-play. Yesterday the Faroes played against San Marino and lost 3-0 (25-21, 25-18, 25-17). Because the San Marino team is very strong, the Faroese players werenīt to downhearted about this result.

Today the Faroese players had the honour of playing against Scotland, perhaps the strongest team in the group. The Faroese players werenīt to much behind in the first set, loosing it 20-25. Then Scotland stepped up the pressure, winning 2nd and 3rd set 25-18 and 25-16, winning the match 3-0.

Now there is only left to play for positions. The Faroes will play no. 5 from group a ,Irland, for the 9th/10th place. The Faroese team is eagerly looking forward to this match, as they would like to finaly get a victory. But so will Ireland, who also have lost all their matches. The match will be played tomorrow at 14:30 CET

25 May: The Faroese men lost both teir opening matches in the European qualification competition yesterday. The firts match, which was against Wales, was a tight affair - a 5 setter with Wales as eventual winners 3-2. The score was 20:25 25:23 11:25 25:21 12:15. The Faroese players were very disappointed, as they felt they could just as well have won the match, blaming lack of practice matces before the tournament.

Later the same day the Faroes played against Malta, hoping to get rid of yesterdays earlier disappointments. But once again things didnīt go as planed. In another tight match the Faroese team lost 1-3 (22:25 25:22 20:25 23:25). Malta had earlier the same day lost 3-0 agains San Marino. This leaves the Faroese team at the bottom of the table in pool b with 2 points (1 point is given for loosing!!) after 2 matches. San Marino and Malta are on top with 3 points after one win and one loss. Wales and Scotland are no. 3 and 4 with one victory each but having only played 1 match.

Today (25th) the Faroes will take on the table-toppers San Marino. The other matches are: Skotland – Wales; Wales – Malta.

22 May: On Saturday 20th, the Faroese menīs national team traveled to Denmark, where they will be on a training-camp until Tuesday, when they will travel to Malta, for the European qualification-competition for "C-nations". Bacause of the withdraw from Malta, CEV has made a new draw for the competition. The groups now look like this:

Group A: Cyprus, Luxembourg, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein

Group B: Scotland, San Marino, Malta, Wales, Faroe Islands

On Saturday the menīs team played a friendly against a danish first division team, Bæverskov Copenhagen. The Faroes won 3-2.

On Wednesday 24th of May, the Faroese team will play their first match of the European Competition against Wales. The rest of the program looks like this:
Also 24th (two games same day): Malta vs. Faroe Islands. 25th: SanMarino vs. Faroe Islands. 26th: Faroe Islands vs. Scotland

25 April: As part of preparation for the European qualification-competition for "C-nations" in Malta in late May, the Faroese women have taken part in an international competition in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Faroese team produced some excellent results, reaching the finals. This was a group of 3 teams. The Faroese women beat a Danish team 2-0 and then played against a German team in a thrilling match, going all the way, needing a final tiebreaker to decide matters. In the end, the Germans won this nerve-racking tiebreaker 15-13, after the teams had followed to 13-13. - This meant the Germans won the match 2-1, and the Faroese team therfore ended up in second place in the competition.

04 April: The Faroese menīs and womenīs national teams have begun their final preparation for the European qualification-competition for "C-nations" in Malta in may and june. The menīs competition is from 24th-28th of may. The Faroese men have been drawn in the group of Scotland, San Marino, Andorra, Malta and Liechtenstein. The Faroese men have played against some of these nations before and have managed to win against Liechtenstein and Malta, but have lost against San Marino and Andorra. Scotland we have never played against. The other group is made up of Cyprus, Luxembourg, Iceland, Wales and Ireland. Coach of the menīs team is Pasco Romica, from Romania. Assistant coach is Ingvard Eirikson.

The womenīs competition is from 31th of may to 4th of june. 8 teams will be competing in two groups. The Faroese women have been grouped with Cyprus, Iceland and Malta. The other group is made up of Luxembourg, San Marino, Ireland and Liechtenstein. The Faroese team have played against all of their group teams before, and have produced victories over Iceland and Malta, but has not won against Cyprus yet........! In all 16 players have been selected for the provisional-troupe, of which 4 are playing in the Danish elite division. Coach is Niclas Joensen, who also guided the team which won the gold medal in the Island Games in Gotland 1999.

23 March: Mjoelnir from Klaksvik was the conqueror of both cups in the cup final today. The women beat Drattur 2-0 (21-16;21-16)-(21-18;24-22) (Nordic Scoring System), in a match that turned out to be quite exciting in the final set.

The men from Mjoelnir beat Fleyr 2-1 in a breathtaking match - needing a tiebreaker to decide it. Fleyr had been judged as a favourite by many to clinch "the double", but Mjoelnir fought hard and deserved to win in the end. The final score was 2-1 (21-17;15-21;7-2) - (16-21;20-22) - (15-10) (Nordic System)

Nordic System: - Experiment that runs in most nordic countries, approved by FIVB. The rules are: The match is divided into 2 halfs. To win the match, you need to win those two halfs. If both teams win one half each, the match is decided by a final tie-breaker, which runs to 15! There are two sets in each half. Each set runs to 21. To win the half, you therefore need to win the two sets. But if both teams win one set each, the half will be decided by a tie-breaker, which runs to 7! The "running score system" is used inn all the match. Confused?

19 March: The final matches of the Faroese championship have been played. Champions of the womensīs Premier Division was Mjoelnir - who only lost 1 game this season. Champions of the menīs Premier Division was Fleyr - winning all of their matches this year. Now only the cup-finals are left to be decided. The Premier Division will start again in october.

08 March: The Volleyball Association has decided, that the final of the first official cup competition, will be played in Torshavn 18th of March. The womenīs final is between Mjoelnir from Klaksvik and Drattur from Vagar. The menīs final is between Fleyr from Torshavn and Mjoelnir from Klaksvik. Both matches will be broadcasted live on national television.


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